Beer Trivia

Beer Trivia
Test your Beer knowledge:

How old is the oldest drinkable beer?

In 2010, the world’s oldest drinkable beer was found on a Baltic Sea shipwreck. The ship is believed to have sailed over 200 years ago.

What is Cenosillicaphobia?

Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of an empty glass. Make sure you keep a well-stocked fridge.

How did Barrel-Aged beers start?

According to legend, barrel-aged beers were created by accident when a whisky distillery tried to create a whisky finished with ale flavours

Where did the term “Rule of Thumb come from?”

The term “rule of thumb” originates from brewers who would stick their thumb into the mix to see when the temperature was right for adding the yeast.

What are the beers from The Cockpit Brehouse named after?

All the beers from The Cockpit Brewhouse are named after WWI and WWII aeroplanes: Helles Belles, Fokker Weiss, Spitfire English Ale, Mustang American IPA, Black Widow Stout and Tigermoth Dubbel.

Can Women Brew Beer?

The first professional brewers were women. In the 1600s, midwives created super-strong beer to ease the pain of labour!

Which country has the most individual brands of beer?

Belgium has the most individual brands of beer found in any country. You’re looking at around 400 different brands!

Beer bottles: Which is better – brown or green?

Beer is stored in darker bottles as exposure to light will spoil the brew. In South Africa, green bottles are associated with premium beers, while in fact, these beers are prone to get “light struck”. Brown bottles are better for beer.

Which is the strongest beer in the world?

Brewmeister’s Armageddon is the strongest beer in the world. Its alcohol content is around 65%.

What does the yeast in beer do?

Yeast in beer converts into two things: ethanol (which attributes to the drunk feeling) and CO2 (which makes the bubbles).

What is Devil’s Peak’s head-brewer’s original occupation?

Devil’s Peak’s head-brewer, JC Steyn, used to make wine.

How are the beers from the Devils Peak Founders Series named?

Each beer from the Devil’s Peak Founders Series is tied to the brewery’s namesake. The First Light is homage to the sunshine that hits the peak in the morning. The King’s Blockhouse is an ode to the structure that still stands proudly on the side of the mountain. Similarly, Woodhead is a nod to the dam on Table Mountain, and Silvertree is in honour of the indigenous tree that is unique to the Cape Peninsula.

In 2003, what was the slogan of Birkenhead Brewery?

In 2003, Hermanus’s Birkenhead Brewery had a delivery truck that had a very unusual slogan painted on it: “Birkenhead Beer – helping ugly people have sex since 1852”. The people of Hermanus went ballistic. There were threats of violence, stoning, boycotts and banning. The funny thing is people still, after 11 years, remember the truck, and the Birkenhead staff are often asked if they still have that truck.

What is “Carpenters in the Head”?

“Hangover” in Norwegian is directly translated to “carpenters in the head”.

How did Tutankhamun Ale originate?

Tutankhamun Ale is a beer that is prepared in Cambridge according to a recipe that was discovered in the temple of Queen Nefertiti. It is one of the most expensive beers one can buy: about R550 a bottle!

Craft Beer Trivia Time: What do you know?
As many of you know, each and every shipment of craft beers that we send out in our Craft Beer Club features 2 newsletters – one for each brewery featured for the given month. Now, we are all about learning more about the beloved brews in the specific shipment, but we also like to include some craft beer trivia to test what you may or may not already know!

So, let’s see how you do with a few of these on flavor and aromas in craft beers with a higher amount of certain key ingredients…

1. A craft beer higher in hops will have which standout flavors and aromas?

A hoppy beer, or a hop-forward beer, is often described as having notes of herbs, plants, grass, citrus and licorice. These are qualities that add to a brew’s fresh taste and oftentimes rather light mouthfeel. If these are flavors you enjoy, try Pale Ales and IPAs the next time you visit a local craft brewery.

2. A craft beer higher in malts will have which standout flavors and aromas?

A malty craft beer tends to have an overall sweeter profile with distinct characteristics of baked goods, graham crackers, chocolate, and even coffee in some instances. If these tastes and smells tickle your fancy, try Scottish Ales, Robust Porters, Baltic Porters and most Stouts when looking at a line up of craft beers.

3. A craft beer with more yeast will have which standout flavors and aromas?

A craft beer with more yeast tends to be (not surprisingly) yeasty in character and boasts some fruity and almost spicy/smokey characteristics such as bananas, cloves and can even include vanilla. Craft brews with these elements encompass the likes of German Wheat Beers, Barley Tart Witbiers, Sour Beers, and many Hefeweizens.

Granted, these characteristic flavors and aromas can be changed or altered depending on other ingredients brew masters decide to include. But if you see any of these key aroma and/or flavor components in the descriptions of the craft beers we feature in your monthly craft beer of the month club shipments, now you’ll know where they likely came from!

Beer Trivia Questions courtesy of our friends:
Rob Heyns is the resident beer sommelier at the League of Beers – an online retailer of craft beer in South Africa. He is passionate about craft beer, supporting local brewers and providing South Africans with new craft beers to tickle their palates.